Alberta Affordability Grant: Alberta's Commitment to Affordable Child Care

Alberta Affordability Grant: Alberta’s Commitment to Affordable Child Care

In a resolute pursuit of enhancing childcare affordability for families, Alberta has undertaken a commendable initiative aimed at significantly reducing parent fees. This commitment to accessible and affordable child care is aligned with the federal-provincial child care agreement. Under this agreement, Alberta is set to provide Affordability Grants to licensed childcare programs that are dedicated to collaborating with the government. The ultimate goal is to ensure that childcare fees for all families average out at a mere $10 per day by the culmination of the 2025-26 fiscal year.

Affordability Grants: A Game Changer for Licensed Child Care Programs

Affordability Grants are instrumental in addressing the financial challenges that often burden childcare programs. These grants offer programs the much-needed financial support to cover overhead costs and educator wages. However, receiving an Affordability Grant comes with a crucial commitment – a dedication to working hand-in-hand with the government to achieve the ambitious target of $10 per day for all families within the next five years, specifically by the year 2025-26.

Who Can Apply for Affordability Grants?

Applications for Affordability Grants are extended to a specific group of licensed childcare programs. These include:

  • Preschools: Catering to the developmental needs of young children.
  • Daycares: Providing a safe and nurturing environment for infants, toddlers, and kindergarten-age children.
  • Family Day Homes Under Licensed Agencies: Offering care for infants, toddlers, and kindergarten-age children, particularly during regular school hours.

Eligible programs can apply for Affordability Grants for both full-time (100+ hours per month) and part-time care spaces (ranging from 50 to 100 hours per month).

Calculating Affordability Grants: A Detailed Insight

The calculation of the Affordability Grant amount is a meticulous process that takes into account several factors, including:

  • Average Program Fees: This calculation relies on the average childcare program fees across the province.
  • Type of Child Care: It considers whether the child care program is for infants, toddlers, or kindergarten-age children.
  • Age Groups: Infant spaces (under 19 months) receive a higher grant rate due to the unique challenges posed by the low staff-to-child ratio and the additional costs associated with operating spaces for this age group.

Alberta Affordability Grant Affordability Rates Chart

For a comprehensive understanding of how the Affordability Grants are calculated and the corresponding rates, you can refer to the Affordability Rates Chart (PDF, 60 KB).

How to Apply for Affordability Grant Alberta

If you believe your licensed child care program meets the eligibility criteria for the Affordability Grant, the application process can be initiated by contacting the licensing staff at your local or regional Children’s Services office. To streamline the process further, eligible programs can access the Affordability Grant Agreement through the online Child Care Licensing Portal.

For additional information and a step-by-step guide to the grant application process, it’s highly advisable to thoroughly read the Affordability Grant Funding Guide.

Exploring Other Child Care Grant Opportunities

In addition to the Affordability Grants, Alberta offers other avenues of financial support to further enhance the quality and accessibility of childcare services. These include:

Alberta Child Care Grant Funding Program

This program provides the opportunity for childcare programs to apply for wage top-up, professional development, and release time funding. These resources are specifically designed to support certified Early Childhood Educators and enhance the quality of childcare services. To delve deeper into this program, visit the Child Care Grant Funding Program page.

Alberta Affordability Space Creation Grant

Non-profit groups with a vision of creating new childcare spaces or launching new childcare programs can benefit from the Space Creation Grant. This grant aims to boost the capacity of childcare services and ensure that more families have access to quality childcare. To explore the possibilities under this grant, head to the Space Creation Grant page.

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In conclusion, Alberta’s commitment to affordable child care is not just a promise; it’s a well-thought-out plan backed by Affordability Grants and a range of other initiatives. With these measures in place, the province is making significant strides towards ensuring that child care is accessible and affordable for all families, bringing smiles to the faces of parents and children alike.


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