BC Renters Tax Credit 2024: What is BC Renters Tax Credit Program & Who Qualifies for it?

BC Renters Tax Credit 2024: What is BC Renters Tax Credit Program & Who Qualifies for it?

In the ever-evolving landscape of tax credits, Budget 2023 has ushered in a significant change for low- and moderate-income renters in British Columbia. The introduction of an annual income-tested renter’s tax credit aims to provide financial relief to individuals and families facing housing challenges. In this detailed guide, we explore the BC renters tax credit 2024, its eligibility criteria, the credit’s monetary value, and the meticulous process of claiming it.

About BC Renters Tax Credit

The B.C. renter’s tax credit is a welcome initiative administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) exclusively for the province. To avail of this credit for the tax year 2023, individuals must file their 2023 T1 Income Tax and Benefit Return, with the filing period commencing in early 2024.

Who’s Qualifies for the Credit BC Renters Tax Credit 2024?

For the tax years 2023 and onwards, eligibility hinges on meeting specific criteria:

  1. Occupancy: You must have occupied a rental unit in B.C. for at least six one-month periods during the tax year.
  2. Rent Payment: Rent must have been paid for the aforementioned rental unit.
  3. Residency: On December 31 of the tax year, you must have been a B.C. resident and either 19 years or older, a parent, or cohabiting with a spouse or common-law partner.

However, certain conditions exclude individuals from claiming the credit, such as being the cohabitating spouse or common-law partner of a renter who has already claimed the credit, or being confined to prison for more than 6 months during the tax year.

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Rent Considerations

Rent, for the purposes of this credit, excludes amounts paid to non-arms length landlords, payments under a rent-to-own plan, employer-paid accommodations not included in income, and payments for a campsite, moorage, or manufactured home site.

How Much is the BC Renters Tax Credit 2024?

In the 2023 tax year, the maximum renter’s tax credit stands at $400. However, it’s crucial to note that the credit is subject to reduction. Specifically, the credit diminishes by 2% of the amount by which your adjusted income surpasses $60,000, ultimately reducing to zero at an adjusted income of $80,000.

The adjusted income threshold of $60,000 is indexed to inflation annually, ensuring it aligns with the cost of living. Calculating your adjusted income involves considering your net income and that of your spouse or common-law partner, with adjustments in line with those used for other tax credits.

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How to Claim the BC Renters Tax Credit?

To claim the credit for the 2023 tax year, filing your 2023 T1 Income Tax and Benefit Return is imperative, beginning in early 2024. The credit is refundable, meaning that if the credit amount exceeds your tax liability, the surplus is returned as a refund.

In cases of bankruptcy during the year, claiming the renter’s tax credit on the post-bankruptcy income tax return is possible. Be prepared to furnish additional information, if requested by the Canada Revenue Agency, to substantiate your eligibility.


The B.C. renter’s tax credit, outlined in the legislative framework of the Income Tax Act (B.C.) Section 8.3 and Bill 10, Budget Measures Implementation Act, 2023, is a commendable step towards alleviating the financial burden on low- and moderate-income renters. As you navigate the intricacies of this tax credit, ensure timely filing and compliance with the eligibility criteria to make the most of this beneficial measure.


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