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Canada’s Housing Action Plan: A Bold Leap Towards Affordable Living

In recent years, Canada has grappled with the formidable challenge of ensuring affordable and accessible housing for its citizens. To tackle these issues head-on, the federal government has unveiled the Canada Housing Action Plan, a comprehensive strategy that involves a substantial increase in federal funding and collaborative efforts across multiple government levels and sectors.

The Canada Housing Action Plan 2024

The Canada Housing Action Plan 2024 stands as a testament to the government’s ambitious response to the housing needs of Canadians. This multifaceted approach aims to construct more homes, provide financial assistance for housing construction, and establish affordable living options for disadvantaged sections of the population.

Initiatives for Affordable Housing

The policy encompasses a range of initiatives geared towards increasing the supply of rental and affordable housing. These include providing subsidies, tax incentives, and the development of housing on government land. These initiatives are underpinned by significant financial commitments, with billions of dollars allocated for loan assistance and direct investments in housing programs.

Provincial and Territorial Housing Benefit Programs

Recognizing the diverse needs and housing markets across the country, each province and territory has implemented specific housing benefit programs. Noteworthy is the requirement for beneficiaries to reapply for the Canada Housing Benefit annually, ensuring continued support for those in need.

Key Initiatives in the Housing Action Plan

Increased Financing for Apartment Construction

Addressing the burgeoning demand for rental housing, the government is actively focused on providing builders with low-cost financing. The Apartment Construction Loan Program, formerly the Rental Construction Financing Initiative, has seen a significant boost with an additional $15 billion in loan funding, starting in 2025-26. This injection brings the total loan funding to over $40 billion, supporting the construction of more than 30,000 new homes across Canada by 2031-32.

Building More Affordable Housing

Recognizing the vital role of affordable housing in providing shelter to vulnerable populations, the 2023 Fall Economic Statement allocated an extra $1 billion over three years, starting in 2025-26, for the Affordable Housing Fund. This fund aims to facilitate the construction of over 7,000 new homes by 2028, benefiting non-profit, cooperative, and public housing providers.

Removing GST from New Co-op Rental Housing

In response to the escalating difficulty in finding affordable rental homes, the government has taken a bold step by removing the Goods and Services Tax (GST) from new rental housing projects. This includes apartment buildings and student housing, aiming to incentivize construction and make renting more affordable for diverse groups, including students, families, and seniors.

Strengthening and Accelerating Housing Construction

Recognizing the enduring significance of housing cooperatives in providing affordable housing, the government has announced a substantial investment of $309.3 million in this sector, set to launch in early 2024. Moreover, the Housing Accelerator Fund, launched in March 2023 with a budget of $4 billion, aims to expedite the creation of at least 100,000 new homes across Canada by 2029.


Canada’s Housing Action Plan emerges as a groundbreaking and forward-looking strategy to address the housing challenges faced by its citizens. With increased funding, innovative programs, and a commitment to collaboration, the plan sets the stage for a more inclusive and affordable housing landscape, ensuring that every Canadian has a place to call home.