old age pension dates 2023

Canadian Old Age Pension Dates 2023

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is a fundamental part of the Canadian social security system, offering financial support to Canadians during their retirement years.

In this article, we delve into the intricacies of the CPP, exploring who is eligible, pension dates, how the pension amount is calculated, when to start receiving it, and recent enhancements to the plan.

Qualification for Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

To receive the CPP retirement pension, certain eligibility criteria must be met:

Age Requirement

You must be at least 60 years old to qualify for the CPP retirement pension.


To be eligible, you need to have made at least one valid contribution to the CPP. These contributions can result from work you performed in Canada or through receiving credits from a former spouse or former common-law partner at the end of the relationship.

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Applying for the Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

It’s important to note that CPP payments are not automatic; you must initiate the application process. To ensure a seamless transition, we recommend applying in advance of when you want your pension to start. Our goal is to pay your CPP retirement pension in the month you choose to begin.

CPP Pension Dates 2023

Here are the key dates for receiving your Old Age Pension dates in 2023:

CPP Pension Dates 2023
January 27, 2023
February 24, 2023
March 29, 2023
April 26, 2023
May 29, 2023
June 28, 2023
July 27, 2023
August 29, 2023
September 27, 2023
November 28, 2023
December 20, 2023

Old Age Pension Dates Amount Calculation

The monthly amount you receive from the Canada Pension Plan CPP retirement pension is based on several key factors:

Average Earnings

Your monthly benefit is determined by your average earnings throughout your working life.


The amount you contributed to the CPP during your working years also plays a significant role in calculating your pension.

Starting Age

While the standard age to begin receiving the pension is 65, you have the flexibility to start as early as age 60 or as late as age 70. Keep in mind that if you choose to start earlier, your monthly benefit will be smaller, whereas delaying your pension will result in a larger monthly amount.

However, waiting beyond age 70 does not bring any additional benefits as the maximum monthly amount is reached at that point.

Various factors can affect the total amount you’ll receive, such as time taken off from work to care for young children. For more detailed information on the calculations, consult our resources.

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Application Processing Time

Once you submit your completed application form, we aim to process it as efficiently as possible. The duration may vary depending on the submission method:

  • Online Applications: Expect a response within 28 days.
  • Applications Delivered at a Service Canada Centre or Sent by Mail: You should receive a response within 120 days.

Please note that processing may take longer if your application is incomplete.

old age pension dates 2023

Additional Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Benefits

In addition to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) retirement pension, you may qualify for other CPP benefits, including:

  • Post-Retirement Benefit
  • Disability Pension
  • Post-Retirement Disability Benefit
  • Survivor’s Pension
  • Children’s Benefit
  • Death Benefit
  • CPP Enhancement
old age pension dates 2023

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Enhancement

As of 2019, the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is undergoing enhancements to ensure greater financial stability for future retirees. These enhancements consist of two additional components, which are not separate benefits but rather ‘top-ups’ to the base CPP:

  1. The First Additional Component (Phased in 2019-2023)
  2. The Second Additional Component (Phased in 2024-2025)

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) enhancement affects the following CPP benefits:

  • CPP Retirement Pension
  • Post-Retirement Benefit
  • Disability Pension
  • Survivor’s Pension

These enhancements do not impact eligibility for Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits. For more details about the CPP enhancement, explore our dedicated resources.

For further information and assistance with your Canada Pension Plan (CPP) retirement pension, explore our detailed resources and consult our experts. Your financial security during retirement is our top priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CPP?

A monthly, taxable benefit that replaces part of your income when you retire.

How much is CPP at 60?

The amount depends on your contributions and average annual earnings.

How much do you get from CPP?

Your CPP amount depends on the age you started your pension, your contributions, and your average annual earnings.

Who is eligible for the Canada Pension Plan?

To qualify, you must be at least 60 years old and have made valid contributions.

Should I take my Canada pension at 60 or 65?

The decision should be based on your finances, health, life expectancy, and taxes. Delaying CPP results in a larger benefit.

When should I apply for CPP benefits?

The standard age to start CPP is 65, but you can begin as early as 60 or as late as 70. Apply in advance of your desired start date.

How long does it take to receive CPP after applying?

Online applications take approximately 7 to 28 days, while applications delivered by mail or in-person may take up to 120 days.


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