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CPP Enhancement 2024: What Changes Took Place & Type of Impact on Employees

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) underwent enhancements and modifications in 2019, with the objective of providing Canadians with increased benefits and improved financial stability through a marginal rise in their CPP contributions. This post delves into the CPP enhancements slated for 2024, shedding light on their implications for businesses, payroll, CRA compliance, and employee pension plans.

CPP Enhancement 2024 Payroll Changes

Commencing in 2024, CPP enhancements will introduce a new, elevated earnings limit, termed the year’s additional maximum pensionable earnings. This limit will be 7% higher than the original year’s maximum pensionable earnings. For example, if the original limit was $69,000, the new limit would be $73,830 in 2024.

Payroll Documentation

Enhanced CPP contributions, also known as CPP2, will not be delineated as a separate line in payroll documentation like PayEvo. However, employees will observe it as a distinct line on their T4s.

Understanding CPP Enhancement Calculation

Addressing concerns about the 7% increase, let’s break down the percentage increase for the year’s additional maximum pensionable earnings in 2024.

Before Enhancement: Original maximum pensionable earnings = $69,200 Contribution rate = 5.95% Annual contribution = $4,117.40

After Enhancement: New additional maximum pensionable earnings = $73,830 Calculating the new annual contribution involves a tiered approach, resulting in a 2024 contribution of $4,298.70.

CRA Compliance

With the enhancement, businesses are required to remit higher CPP contributions to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This involves remitting both the original and enhanced CPP contributions, each calculated based on their respective maximum pensionable earnings.

CPP Enhancement 2024 Impact on Employees

CPP enhancements influence not only payroll but also contribute to increased retirement benefits for employees. The long-term adjustment will take about 40 years to fully materialize, increasing the maximum retirement contribution amount by approximately 50%.

Example: Consider Sarah, earning $80,000 annually. In 2023, her CPP contribution is $3,962.70, while in 2024, it could rise to around $4,302.60 due to phase two of CPP enhancements.


The scheduled CPP enhancement for 2024 brings substantial changes, necessitating employer preparedness. Proactive measures, including system updates, employee communication, and compliance with CRA guidelines, will facilitate a smooth transition through these changes.