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Understanding Foreign Tax Credit in Canada, How to & Who Can Claim?

Explore the intricacies of claiming the Foreign Tax Credit in Canada with this article. Discover how to navigate the process, calculate credits, and ensure a smooth tax return.

Understanding Foreign Tax Credit Canada

The Foreign Tax Credit in Canada serves as a mechanism for taxpayers to reduce taxes on income earned from foreign sources. Designed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), these credits aim to prevent double taxation, ensuring individuals are not taxed by both Canada and the foreign country simultaneously.

Who Qualifies for the Foreign Tax Credit Canada

Eligibility for foreign tax credits hinges on factors such as the type of income, the country of origin, and the total amount earned. This credit can be claimed for various forms of foreign income, including rental income, business income, and investment income, fostering international economic cooperation.

Calculating Foreign Tax Credit Canada

The calculation of the tax credit depends on the nature of income, such as pensions, interest, employment earnings, dividends, and more. Form 428 must be completed with accurate details, factoring in the tax rates specified by the CRA. Exemptions are automatically excluded from the calculation, with a maximum 15% tax credit applicable to foreign property income.

How to Claim Foreign Tax Credit in Canada

Follow these steps to successfully claim the Foreign Tax Credit in Canada:

  1. Complete Form T2209: File the federal foreign taxation credits form, providing essential details.
  2. Submit Supporting Documentation: Include supporting documents such as pay stubs, taxation returns, and other proofs of total taxes paid.
  3. Report Foreign Income: Include all foreign income in the Canada tax return, specifying the taxes subjected to foreign jurisdictions.
  4. Submit to CRA: Send the foreign taxation file to the Canada Revenue Agency with accurate details.

Upon submission, individuals can claim up to a 25% tax rate, applicable only to foreign income taxed under the foreign tax credit. Specify the total sum in Canadian dollars and utilize the foreign calculator for accurate calculations.

Seek Professional Advice: Given the complexity of the foreign tax credit claim process, individuals are advised to consult with professional foreign tax creditors for expert guidance.


Master the process of claiming the Foreign Tax Credit in Canada by following these steps and gaining insights into the eligibility criteria and calculation methods. Ensure a seamless tax return while minimizing the impact of double taxation on foreign income.