Koodo, Fido & Virgin Mobile offers 75GB Data Plan for $40/month Offer Ending January,2nd

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile plans, Koodo, Fido, and Virgin Plus, the renowned flanker brands of the Big Three, have recently unleashed competitive $40/mo plans featuring a whopping 75GB of data. However, the devil lies in the details, as some plans boast the cutting-edge 5G technology, while others stick to the reliable 4G. This analysis aims to dissect these offerings and guide you towards the optimal choice.

Get 75GB Data for 40month

Virgin Plus: Elevating the Game with 5G

Virgin Plus, under the Bell umbrella, emerges as a strong contender with its $40/mo plan delivering a substantial 75GB of 5G data. The catch? Data speeds are capped at 250Mbps, a minor trade-off for the abundance of data. Notably, the plan is labeled ‘unlimited,’ allowing users to continue data usage beyond the allocated 75GB, albeit at throttled speeds (256Kbps).

Further, the plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting, coupled with the convenience of unlimited international texts originating from Canada. It’s important to note that Virgin’s offer is exclusive to new activations and only extends until January 2nd, 2024.

virgin 40 75gb

Koodo: Unveiling the 4G Marvel

Koodo, a Telus subsidiary, matches the competition with its $40/mo plan offering 75GB of 4G data at speeds up to 100Mbps. While lacking the allure of 5G, Koodo sweetens the deal by providing customers with the flexibility to choose one free perk: international texting, premium voicemail, rollover data, or an unlimited long-distance pack.

However, Koodo imposes restrictions on existing customers, as the plan is unavailable for rate plan changes. Additional charges include a $10 SIM card fee and $13/100MB for extra data. Noteworthy is Koodo’s optional Stream+ bundle, featuring Netflix, Apple TV+, and Discovery+ for $10/mo for the initial three months, increasing to $28/mo thereafter.

For those craving 5G capabilities, Koodo introduces a separate $45/mo 60GB plan with 5G data, complemented by a $135.60 bill credit, effectively aligning its price with the 4G counterpart.

Fido: Navigating the 4G Seas with Bonuses

Rogers-owned Fido enters the arena with a $45/mo 60GB 4G plan, supplemented by a generous 15GB bonus data, totaling an enticing 75GB. An appealing offer is the potential to reduce the monthly cost to $40 by enrolling in Fido’s automatic payments, which deduct $5/mo from the plan price.

The plan encompasses 4G LTE data at speeds of up to 150Mbps, catering to users with moderate speed requirements. Similar to competitors, Fido’s offer encompasses unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting, including international texting originating from Canada.

fido 40 75gb

Worth highlighting is the limited-time nature of these deals, set to conclude on January 2nd. Additionally, all three carriers present a $34/mo 50GB 4G plan, mirroring the larger data plans but with a reduced data cap.


As we navigate the sea of enticing mobile plans, the choice ultimately depends on your priorities. Virgin Plus stands out with its 5G prowess, while Koodo and Fido cater to those content with reliable 4G speeds. The nuances in perks, restrictions, and additional features should guide your decision-making process. Act swiftly, as these captivating deals are slated to vanish come January 2nd.