Koodo Mobile Offers 30GB/4G Data Plan for $29 via Telus’ ‘Reddit Team’

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile plans, a hidden gem has emerged. Koodo offers an exclusive $29/mo 30GB 4G plan, but the catch is—it’s not online! This article unveils the intricacies of this exceptional offer and guides you on how to seize it.

Koodo’s Exclusive Offer

Koodo has rolled out an enticing deal for new customers—an unbeatable $29/mo plan featuring a generous 30GB of 4G data. The caveat? This deal is not accessible through traditional online channels. Instead, prospective customers are directed to connect with the Telus “Reddit team” via SMS or by emailing

Koodo Sub Reddit Unveils the Deal

The revelation of this plan comes from a post on the r/Koodo subreddit by a user named ‘Josh’ with the username ‘5GisOP.’ Despite the unconventional nature of relying on a Reddit user for a phone plan, several Redditors who engaged with the Reddit team shared positive reviews about their experiences.

Josh asserts that they dedicate significant hours of their free time weekly to manage the inbox to assist customers—a claim met with skepticism. Nevertheless, the Telus Reddit team has been actively sharing various deals on both r/Koodo and r/Telus subreddits, making the entire process seem legitimate.

How to Grab this Deal

To access this exclusive offer, interested individuals need to reach out to the Telus Reddit team either via SMS or by emailing While unconventional, Redditors report that the process is surprisingly fast and easy. Josh, in particular, has been noted for waiving activation fees, adding to the allure of this deal.

Plan Inclusions

Although details about the plan’s inclusions are not explicitly outlined, it is presumed to encompass unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting. Additionally, customers can choose between two perks: premium voicemail or unlimited international SMS/MMS.

Koodo's Offers 30GB/4G Data Plan for $29 via Telus' 'Reddit Team'

Similar Offers from Fido and Virgin Plus

Notably, iPhone in Canada reports that Fido and Virgin Plus are also purportedly offering a similar $29/mo 30GB 4G plan, but with a twist—it’s only available in-store. This adds an element of exclusivity to the deal, making it a potential option for those who prefer an in-person experience.


In conclusion, the $29/mo 30GB 4G plan from Koodo, Fido, and Virgin Plus, though unconventional in its accessibility, presents a compelling offer. The positive experiences shared by Redditors attest to the legitimacy of the Telus Reddit team’s involvement. To embark on this exclusive mobile plan journey, contact the Reddit team via SMS or email and unlock a world of unparalleled connectivity at an unbeatable price.