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TD Bank GICs: Unlocking Financial Growth with Superior Rates As of February, 2024

Welcome to TD Bank’s world of Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs), where financial growth meets security. As a renowned global financial institution with a rich history dating back to 1855, TD Bank has evolved into one of Canada’s Big 6 Banks, offering a diverse product line and catering to millions of personal and business customers worldwide.

TD’s Current GIC Rates

Unveiling the Financial Landscape with TD Bank’s Current Gic Rates

Explore the spectrum of TD Bank’s current GIC rates as of January 1, 2024, and discover the power of strategic investment:

  • Short-Term Triumphs:
    • 1 – 29 days: Up to 3.30% – TD U.S. Dollar Term Deposit
    • 30 days: 2.25% – TD Non-Cashable Short-term GIC
    • 30 – 59 days: 3.20%, up to 3.40% – TD U.S. Dollar Term Deposit
  • Navigating Mid-Length Horizons:
    • 60 days: 2.50% – TD Non-Cashable Short-term GIC
    • 60 – 89 days: 3.35%, up to 3.55% – TD U.S. Dollar Term Deposit
    • 90 days: 2.75% – TD Non-Cashable Short-term GIC
    • 90 – 119 days: 3.50%, up to 3.70% – TD U.S. Dollar Term Deposit
  • Long-Term Brilliance:
    • 1 year: 5.25% – TD Non-Cashable Long-term GIC
    • 2 years: 5.00% – TD Non-Cashable Long-term GIC
    • 3 years: 6.00%, up to 35.00% – TD Canadian Banking & Utilities GIC

Dive into the enticing world of TD Bank GICs, offering competitive rates and a plethora of options for both registered and non-registered plans.

TD Bank GICs: Unlocking Financial Growth with Superior Rates

What Sets TD Bank GICs Apart

Unparalleled Variety, Unmatched Benefits

TD Bank GICs stand out for their versatility, catering to a range of investors:

  • Cashable Convenience:
    • Flexibility to cash out early.
    • Minimum deposit: $1,000 for non-registered or TFSA, $500 for RRSP.
  • Reliable Returns:
    • Original investment and interest payments are guaranteed.
    • Interest is calculated on the original principal.
  • Renewal Excellence:
    • GIC’s principal automatically renews at maturity into a TD 1-Year Cashable GIC.

Types of TD Bank GIC’s

Explore the five distinct types of TD Bank GICs, each tailored to meet diverse financial goals:

  1. Market Growth GICs:
    • Interest linked to market performance.
    • Principal investment is guaranteed with a minimum TD GIC rate.
  2. TD Special Offer GICs:
    • Fixed-rate GICs with competitive rates.
    • Automatic renewal for continued benefits.
  3. Cashable GICs:
    • Access funds anytime with a guaranteed return.
  4. Non-Cashable GICs:
    • Higher interest rates for locking in funds.
  5. TD U.S. Dollar GICs & Term Deposits:
    • Secure investment in U.S. dollars.

Decoding TD Bank GIC Terms

Tailored Terms for Every Investor

TD Bank offers flexible GIC terms, accommodating various investment horizons:

  • Short terms (1 day to 1 year):
    • Ideal for those seeking quick returns.
  • Mid-length term (2 – 4 years):
    • Balancing risk and reward.
  • Long term (5 years):
    • Maximizing returns for the patient investor.

How to Engage with TD Bank GICs

Seamless Access, Optimal Returns

Unlocking the benefits of TD Bank GICs is a straightforward process:

  1. Requirements:
    • Social Insurance Number.
    • Canadian residence and address.
    • Age of majority in the province or territory.
    • TD personal deposit account.
    • TD’s EasyWeb online banking registration.
  2. Opening Process:
    • Convenient online purchase or assistance through TD branches.

Maximizing Returns: Tips and Considerations

Strategic Choices for Financial Growth

When choosing a TD Bank GIC, strategic considerations come into play:

  • Interest Rates:
    • Explore the competitive interest rates on offer.
  • Available Terms:
    • Tailor your investment horizon with varied terms.
  • Types of GICs:
    • Match your risk tolerance with the right GIC type.


In the dynamic landscape of financial growth, TD Bank GICs emerge as a beacon of stability and prosperity. Unlock the potential of your investments with TD’s diverse GIC options, strategically designed to meet your unique financial goals.

Invest wisely, and secure your future with TD Bank GICs!