TD customers in Canada may receive payment in a $16 million class-action lawsuit settlement

In the realm of banking and legal affairs, significant developments often go unnoticed. However, if you’re a TD Bank customer in Canada, this information demands your attention. A groundbreaking class action lawsuit settlement is underway, and you might be eligible to receive a substantial payout. We delve into the details to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this noteworthy event.

The Settlement Details

TD Bank has reached a pivotal point in an ongoing class action lawsuit, agreeing to a staggering $15.9 million payout concerning non-sufficient funds fees (NSF fees). This class action, certified by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on December 7, 2022, revolves around allegations that TD charged multiple NSF fees on a single cheque or payment. It is crucial to note that TD denies all liability, setting the stage for a captivating legal battle.

Legal Dynamics Unveiled

Koskie Minsky, the agency appointed as class counsel, has issued a statement shedding light on the intricacies of the case. The court has scheduled a hearing for February 13, 2024, a date that holds the key to the fate of the proposed settlement. The court’s decision during this hearing will determine the approval or rejection of the settlement, shaping the future course of events for TD and the affected class members.

Potential Payouts and Opt-Out Options

Should the settlement gain court approval, TD commits to depositing funds directly into the bank accounts of eligible class members. This presents a potential financial windfall for those affected by the alleged overcharging of NSF fees. However, for those who wish not to be legally bound by the settlement, there is a crucial deadline to be aware of. Opting out or removing oneself from the class action is possible by completing the provided form, with a deadline set for January 26, 2024.

TD customers in Canada may receive payment in a $16 million class-action lawsuit settlement

Navigating the Legal Landscape

Understanding the legal intricacies of class action lawsuits can be daunting. For clarity on your rights and options, detailed information about the settlement and the opt-out process is available here. This resource serves as a crucial guide for affected individuals, offering insights into the complexities of the case.

Broader Perspectives: Class Actions in Canada

This TD Bank settlement is part of a larger landscape of ongoing class action lawsuit settlements in Canada. Last week, Meta announced a $51 million settlement for eligible Canadians in four provinces. The lawsuit revolves around sponsored Facebook stories using users’ images. Additionally, Canadian iPhone users might be in line for compensation from Apple due to a class-action lawsuit related to slowed devices following software updates.


In the ever-evolving landscape of legal affairs, staying informed is paramount. This article has provided a detailed exploration of the TD Bank class action lawsuit settlement, offering insights into its legal dynamics, potential payouts, and the opt-out process. As we await the crucial February 13, 2024 hearing, affected individuals are encouraged to explore the provided resources for a comprehensive understanding of their rights and options. The TD Bank settlement is not just a legal event; it’s an opportunity for affected individuals to navigate the complex legal landscape with clarity and awareness.