Vexxit Review 2024: Is it Legit, Pros & Cons

In the complex landscape of legal and financial challenges, finding the right support can be a daunting task. Enter Vexxit, a Winnipeg-based powerhouse founded in 2016 by seasoned professionals with a mission to provide “smart and transparent solutions.” Launched in 2020, Vexxit serves as a digital bridge, connecting Canadians with top-tier legal and accounting professionals. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the intricacies of Vexxit’s offerings, unraveling its features, solutions, pricing, and the overall verdict on its worthiness.

Understanding Vexxit: A One-Stop Shop

Unveiling the Core:

Vexxit positions itself as a comprehensive solution, offering a wide array of services for both individuals and businesses. Its prowess lies in its Vexxit Life and Business Solutions, encompassing key aspects like Wills & Estates, Family Law, Employment Law, Taxation & Accounting, Immigration, and Residential Real Estate.

The Vexxit Promise:

At the heart of Vexxit’s ethos is the commitment to simplicity, transparency, and timely solutions. The Vexxit Promise is a testament to their dedication to providing peace of mind, upfront pricing, and navigating clients through challenging times.

Proprietary Technology:

Vexxit leverages cutting-edge technology through its Solution Finder, an intuitive tool helping clients identify the ideal legal or business solution. The technology extends to Vexxit Pros, utilizing machine learning algorithms to ensure precise matchmaking between clients and professionals.

The Pros and Cons of Legitimacy

Navigating the Vexxit Experience

A Digital Marketplace:

Vexxit stands as a digital marketplace, streamlining the process for individuals and businesses seeking legal and accounting solutions. The journey begins by choosing a legal solution through the Solution Finder.

Selecting Your Vexxit Pro:

The magic happens as Vexxit matches clients with the most suitable Vexxit Pros from a Canada-wide network. This ensures confidence in the chosen professional, a crucial element in legal and financial matters.

The Secure Transaction:

Vexxit simplifies the transaction process by offering fixed-price products. Clients purchase solutions for a flat fee through Vexxit’s secure Stripe-powered payment platform, ensuring a seamless and secure financial transaction.

Effortless Collaboration:

Collaboration with Vexxit Pros is a breeze, thanks to the secure platform that facilitates communication and work from any location. The process culminates with the delivery of secure documents.

Unveiling Vexxit Solutions

Life Solutions:

Vexxit’s Life Solutions cover a spectrum of legal needs, from Wills & Estates to Family Law, Employment Law, Taxation & Accounting, Immigration, and Residential Real Estate. The pricing structure is transparent, ranging from $280 for a Personal Directive to $2,015 for a Lasting Legacy Package.

Business Solutions:

Businesses find solace in Vexxit’s Business Solutions, spanning Business Law, Employment Law, Taxation & Accounting, Intellectual Property, and Commercial Real Estate. Prices vary, from $199 for a Business Law Consultation to $9,999 for a comprehensive Business Finances Package.

Joining the Vexxit Pro League

Becoming a Vexxit Pro:

Vexxit opens its doors to lawyers and accountants in Canada. The application process involves creating a profile, submitting credentials, and waiting for a response. Vexxit ensures a thorough screening process, matching professionals with the right clients and guaranteeing payment.

Benefits for Vexxit Pros:

For legal and accounting professionals, Vexxit offers a treasure trove of benefits, including access to new clients, secure communication, fixed prices, and guaranteed payment upon project completion.

Analyzing Pros and Cons


  • Free to join
  • Transparent pricing
  • Secure communication platform
  • Group-negotiated pricing for enhanced savings
  • Streamlined administration for lawyers


  • No dedicated app
  • Limited availability in Canadian provinces

Is Vexxit Legit and Safe?

Vexxit stands as a legitimate entity, founded by Duncan Jessiman, Polly Craik, and Jocelyn Chipman. With a physical address, phone number, and robust security measures, Vexxit ensures data privacy and a secure user experience.

The Verdict: Is Vexxit Worth It?

Vexxit emerges as a beacon in the legal and accounting landscape, bridging the gap between clients and professionals. Its intuitive technology, transparent pricing, and commitment to client and professional satisfaction make it a valuable asset. Whether you’re seeking legal solutions or aiming to join as a Vexxit Pro, the benefits outweigh the limitations, making Vexxit a worthwhile venture for both clients and professionals.